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Thursday, May 08, 2014

A Cowherd rant causes me to rant - thanks Ben

My friend Ben and I ridicule the fact that I occasionally listen to Colin Cowherd. The problem is, I hate dead periods of no sound, I am clearly addicted to sonic assaults and need stimulus when doing menial tasks like showering etc., so I listen to a lot of sports talk radio. Usually in the mornings I listen to Dan Patrick but sometimes 9more and more infrequently) during the commercial breaks on that show I switch to ESPN radio. Which leads to this rant: 

 I wonder if Cowherd is espousing his idiotic rants all show or do I just happen to catch them; I lit on his show for a minute or 2 and heard this (may not be verbatim but the gist is close) "When I give talks at colleges (if my college had him talk I would be ashamed) I ask the guys in the audience 'who here has girlfriends?' those are the guys I say will be able to work in radio, they are closers. It is the same with Johnny Football, he always has a hot girl with him, you know he is a closer, he talks to any girl" - so forget for a second that he is a QB at a football mad school, just remember he is a QB!!!! Then remember that he is rich, and in college at a football mad institution. Remove the football but keep his same build and we have a young man in college who is athletically built and rich, remove the rich and we have a young man in college that is athletically built, I guess I do not know what Cowherd's college lifestyle was like but I know in my college years, being fit got you a tonne of girls, rich, poor or middleclass. 

Let us not forget Johnny Manziel became so popular at that sorry institution for higher learning (I feel the need to do that Journalist trick of outlining my bias by noting that I went to UT) that they allowed him to take all online courses so that he would not be a distraction to fellow students. If the guy so popular that he has to take online classes cannot get a hot girl it would be an indictment on him as a man, not as a football player.  And so what if he is a closer with the ladies, does that extend to his ability on the football field? Recent history has shown that a tonne of average to middling players have clearly been closers with the ladies and it has NOT helped their on field production. See for instance Mr. Travis Henry he of the allegedly 11 kids by 10 women as of right now...or if you want a different sport try Jason Caffey who up to last year was at the count of 10 children by 8 women. 

Before any racists decide to jump in here and start to spout that it is only the black guys with a tonne of children outside of marriage (while ignoring that the leagues are predominantly black) I give you Scott Skiles 6 kids, 

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