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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Bachelorette men tell all...but do we want to listen? OR "Are you gay bro?"

Tonight is the Men tell all show, the episode where we sometimes get the joy of verbal cat fights - we get an extended preview of the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise so much crying, I cannot wait.

First guy to take some heat is Ian, he of the insults and hey did you know he went to Princeton? Ben H is willing to defend Kaitlyn (K) despite being sent home. Ian takes his jacket off and makes a production of kneeling in front of the guys and apologizing. Ian gets some handshakes from a few was a corny move but this show loves corny.

Clint declares that he is a straight man,
he and JJ have appeared to grow matching beards. Kupah tells us he does not care about the Clint and JJ bromance, he is just pissed about Nick being on the show.

JJ is the first in the 'hot seat' - he claims much of the problem with him was due to misunderstandings with his brand of humour.

Ben Z is on the hot seat - he is as boring here as he was on the show.

Jared you and your bad scruff, come on down - Wah wah, in love, wah wah wah, great girl till CH thanks him for shaving the "spotty beard" and the audience roars.

Ben H to the seat - is he the new bachelor? Will the trend of bland white guys continue? He is careful and parses everything.

K comes out and tells us that people have been been spreading hate to her and her family - even sending death threats.

If you take any show seriously enough to send death threats to someone, you need help, and please in anything in life, do not send death threats. CH reads some of the threats/tweets K has received from 'fans' they are as disgusting as you would expect them to be. I just do not understand the type of mentality that requires spreading that much bile. I can say something sucks, anyone can say something sucks, you could even say K is the worst Bachelorette ever (I do not agree) but to then add whore, slut, etc or wish death or disease on need Jesus.

K talks about bringing on Nick there is a lot of excuses for her 'behavior', but really my problem is less with her and more with the show...they clearly set it up to create the drama, K just has to take the brunt of the blame as the public face. The show really put her in an unwinnable position. So much of the grief she faces could easily just be blamed on the formatting of the season.

Ryan the super drunk guy from night one breaks out a rose and gives it to K as his apology. K makes a few gay jokes at Clint and JJ's expense. Ian gets to apologize to K and tells her "I am humble" hmm I guess Princeton did not teach the meaning of words.

The blooper reel is as entertaining as usual.

Overall a fairly boring show, and I am disappointed that we did not get to hear from the healer. 

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