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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Acting like a tourist...and a scary woman

In exactly one week I will be returning to my home land and I think I am going to act like a tourist for a bit. Already have plans to ride ATVs all over Rose Hall estates, too hard to pass up a four hour ATV tour at a price that I would pay for 2 hours in San Diego.

This is one scary lady


Crankyputz said...

After years of Warm beer, the woman was fed up dammit.....jeez

Dr. D. said...

All I can say in response to the article is RAAAS!

Mek sure when you come yard you drink you Red Stripes well cold!

Abeni said...

Do the tourist thing son. I like how you going when am not gonna be there..sigh

aarond said...

Nothing should ever cause anyone to do that...Doc is there another link up planned? Abeni it is your fault that you will not be in Jamaica :)

Dr. D. said...

Doh know about nuh link up and Shotta M can shout when you reach and we lick some juice...

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