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Sunday, December 03, 2006

An apology...

Sometimes you do something in life and it shocks you as to how mean you can be. I have very rarely thought of myself as a mean person and rarely try to actually hurt those around me.

Sadly though, recently I have done that, and I have risen to a level of attack that was beneath me, but was born of my frustrations at things around me.

A blog was created ( that outlined the actions of the room-mate of a fictional character Diggity Dogg. Though the real names of the main characters were never used and instead pseudonyms (MR and FR) were used, the creation of the blog caused pain to persons in the real world.

The blog has been deleted because it was the right thing to do and not out of fear of repercussions. I will not list the persons that were hurt because to do so would defeat the purpose of the blog which was to create a port for venting while creating a fun and easy to read site.

Distilling anyone’s life down to just their worst moments or mistakes can lead to an interesting read, but it can create the impression that the bad things are the only features of the person. Even the title of the blog which at the time I thought was funny may have led to bad impressions: Though part of the title was chosen due to FR’s love at the time of the song “Crazy” without someone having that in depth knowledge the blog would merely have come across as a room-mate is insane.

There is much regret that the blog was created, because no one wants to hurt people that they consider friends. Even while writing I thought that it would be amusing since I was once told “You can write anything about me as long as you never mention me by name” but removed from the situation and looking back at it dispassionately I can realize that it was mean.

I never intended to make anyone sad, but I know I did and thus I can only say “I am sorry”, I truly am because though one will always make fun of friends, you do not want your friends to feel bad about themselves because of your jests.

Diggity Dogg


Leon said...

As blogging becomes more mainstream, these things happen. You just need to be careful of what you say, because once it's said, it's there for the world to see.

Melody said...

Am not certain if U might've written anything other than what ah read a few weeks ago on your blog, Diggity (been away a few weeks), but U did seem concerned that someone bein' pushed around should stand up for himself. Yup, U made jokes -- some kinda rough (& worse, they're still funny on recollection, which means we readers likely to remember those rough words), but if your apology is to the abuser and not to the abused, then it's wayyy generous.

Abeni said...

It takes a real man to admit his mistakes.I can't say I found it to be mean spirited though. Hopefully,you patch up the friendship

Anonymous said...

I began reading the blog from the time of its creation and I also do not believe it was mean-spirited. Go easy on yourself. Further, I am a firm believer that sometimes the truth hurts. In my own life I try to carry on in a way that would not cause me shame or embarrasment, if for example, my actions were the subject of a blog.

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