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Saturday, December 02, 2006

There went my shot at a Playboy model

So my boy DG and I went to a Playboy model’s calendar release event at a Club in West Ho. Problem is we never actually entered the club. Not because we were denied entry, not because we could not afford to get in and not because we changed our mind about going out but because while waiting in line we observed not one not two but a disturbing number of ugly chicks.

Now before anyone gets on me with the: “Beauty is only skin deep” or “That is not the way to look at people” or the even lamer “They might have been good people” I say half of attraction is attractiveness. I was once accused by a young lady of putting too much stock in physical attractiveness and then I observed that young lady one night at a club arguing with her friend that she should get “The cute one because I saw him first”

I am sure all those young ladies were potentially nice people. But when I am looking to view some eye candy, I would rather get a handful of skittles than a bunch of rock candy. It was incredible for a West Ho event there was not a single hot chick and we saw dozens of girls. In fact there was not even a mildly attractive girl in the line. And of course since it was a Playboy model event there were more than the average number of guys. So that made the situation untenable. It was bad enough that the chick to guy ratio was low, but to throw in the ratio of ugly chick to guy ratio and that was just impossible to stand. It would be like taking your white girlfriend to dinner at OJ’s sure you might potentially have a good meal, but all night you would be uncomfortable.

Many of my friends and even I have touched on it...when heading to a ‘black’ event the chances of seeing a certain type of young lady are greatly enhanced. I will not touch on that weighty issue right now, but my colleagues (especially those who were at the Lupe Fiasco show) will understand. It never fails if there is a high chance of black guys a certain type of female will be definitely in attendance taking up space.

I enjoy rolling with DG to many of these events and clubs, since so many of these places are the complete opposite of San Diego. Many a night in SD, DG and I would roll out and I would be in the significant minority. Tonight DG’s words in one of the lines we were in: “Am I the only white guy here tonight?” I was able to point out only one other pale fellow and DG appeared to dismiss him as a member of the race.

There was a bonus to tonight though - I came home early and ‘accidentally’ booked a flight to Jamaica...I wanted to go Air J told me they were sold out I decided to test out a site that I know for fares the deal looked so damn good that I had to book it. But more on that later. I am off to watch Ugly Betty via my laptop. I love technology.


Dr. D. said...

Bwoy Cali J.....that is eye candy to cause some cavities at a Playboy event? Hmmm...

Meatball said...

ugly betty huh?

aarond said...

Yeh sad Doc real sad.

Meatball - It is a surprisingly good show and the glimpses of Selma Hayek are just bonus points. I swear she is sooooooooo damn hot, she takes my breath away and it is an increased bonus that her character oozes sexuality

Meatball said...

Uh...I was completely unaware that Salma Hayek was involved. I rescind my previous statements as being uttered without the requisite knowledge to have reliabile veracity. My bad.
hmmm....spicy latinas...grrrr

Melody said...

1. Happy flight to J.A.
2. Congrats on your bar results.
3. Happy belated thanksgiving.

Abeni said...

So when are you going?

Crankyputz said...

Perahps they were keeping the Uglies out and the hot ones were inside???

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