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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ah the Joy of Britney Spears' Modesty!

So I was watching the NEWS and this was mentioned so I figured I had to check it out...Warning these are pictures of Britney Spears’ crotch, not full crotch shots just enough to share the fact that she scorches the earth (impressive). What is not impressive is the fact that she has taken to sharing her beaver with the world - then again the world has actively sought out the shots of Brits’ beaver.

The above links contain 2 different shots of Britney I would warn you to not open this in class but come on, if I have to warn you about that you probably should not be reading this blog!


Abeni said...

Ummm,this a man post right? Any of Fed-Ex crotch?

Crankyputz said...

Who the heck is taking care of the kiddies whilst Britney is trolling all over town.

Also who woudda thought that KFed would have a decent case that Brit is not a good role model for her kids??

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