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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Ah Monday night winding down - It has been a long week already

If I was an autograph seeker I would be in the best city of the world. Thankfully I do not seek autographs. The last time I went after one for myself was the year Jamaica made it to the World Cup and if you follow football you will know that that was a long time ago and if you know me at all you will realize that I was young.

The last time I sought an autograph was while I was still living in Texas and sought an autograph for a friend from Kevin Spacey, and no it was not one of the “I have a friend” lies it truly was for a friend because she was not able to come out the night we went to a posh bar in Austin and so I got Mr. Spacey’s autograph for her with her name and everything in his handwriting.

Anyway I am talking about autographs because my boy and I went out for a Monday evening drink – He because he worked late (11pm) I because I was tired of setting up material for tutoring tomorrow and because it has been a stressful past 2 days. We live in a town that is always popping (probably a bad thing knowing our personalities) so finding a spot to hit up is never a problem.

We hit up a spot that was described by Zagat as having a “Two-to-one women-to-men” ratio so of course we had to check it out it was also described as a place for “hipsters and beautiful people” I fit none of those categories but the words no cover definitely fit my category so I was easily talked into going by my friend with his highly persuasive argument of “hey do you want to hit that bar up?” How could I say no to such oratory?

So we rolled out drank with the beautiful (it was a bit short on the beautiful, since the hottest chicks we saw tonight appeared to be surgically attached to some guys that we were definitely better than) and the hip, including peeps like Jeffrey Ross, Doug Benson and a guy who if he is not Chris Daughtry does the best Daughtry impersonation ever (looks like it worked since 2 chicks were acting the fool around him all night while he lounged).

Damn it I need to start working out harder and pretending that I play for some sports team cause apparently connections are everything in this town. If I was 4 inches taller I would claim that I played guard for the Clippers, I would say Lakers but everyone knows the Lakers in this town, the clips so far have not had their bandwagon too weighed down with ‘fans’ yet!


Anonymous said...

Do you live in Vegas? Because that's where Chris Daughtry was last night with his wife for the Billboard Awards.

Dr. D. said...

CJ, dah spot yah sound more like de lick...beat de Playboy model one...

aarond said...

See this is why I love blogging, because things that I would never know are communicated to me via the internet thanks to people that I may never get to meet. Anonymous, I do not live in Vegas (thankfully love the town but get so burnt out there) but rather 4 hours away from it...A few things: That guy did have more than one girl and I forgot that Daughtry is married. Was Daughtry in Vegas just to watch the show along with his wife at a viewing party? Because though the show is presented as if it were live, it was taped a few days ago. I know it sounds like I am trying to backup my 'supposed' Daughtry sighting, but you have to understand I saw they guy went "Hey that is the kid from American idol, I cannot believe he has the #2 album" Then convinced myself it was not him and then was told by my boy that it was definitely I said in the post though, if it was not him the guy we saw can work as his impersonator. Finally and this is crazy, but based on when the Show aired and when we saw him, he could have made it into town in time, if he hauled ass in from Vegas and went staight to a dive bar

Crankyputz said...

I need to move, my monday's do not compare at all.

Meatball said...

bet you wish were 6-6 like me foo...
"i wish i were a little bit taller,
I wish i was a baller,
i iwsh i had a rabbit in a hat
a six four impala"

Abeni said...

I so agree with CP.

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