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Monday, February 11, 2008

The 'Blackchelor' is BACK!

Tonight was the premiere of Flavor of Love THREE. How is this not a national holiday? I mean come on next week is President's day, the premiere of FOL should be a nationally recognized day of equal importance.

Chick: "I want you to call me Hotlanta"
Flav: "If I get with you your name is going to have to change to Mylanta" (I paraphrased cause honestly following along with Flav is not always the easiest)

They put twins on the show? Come on now, you know Flav is going to be hurt trying to do that math. By the way, what rational person wants to get into a 3some with their sister?

Bunz: "When it comes to the bedroom I will try anything once" --Word chick? Sure that is not a statement for the camera?

I know I say it at the start of every season, but dang, somebody might just 'get cut', I could definitely see someone leaving in an ambulance this season.

"I am taking the girls to the most romanTICAL places in the world" You have to love his use of words, the man is a poet.

At least nobody crapped on the floor in this episode.

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Crankyputz said...


I missed it??

Damn Canada and their two months behind programming!

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