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Monday, February 04, 2008

Is 18-1 perfection suckers???

I took absolute delight last week in hearing that the Boston Globe had started taking pre-orders for a Book about the Pats football season called '19-0'. I was also tickled to hear that the request had been put in to trademark '19-0'. But what I found even better was that the NY Post then applied to trademark 18-1. Bloody fun back and forth.

I really, really love when ESPN starts running their 'best team ever' graphics, invariably the team seems to fail. Yes I know that if you have read this blog ever, you know I still gloat over TEXAS BEAT USC (SUCK IT TROJANS)!

What I found appalling in its silliness, was that for a couple days last week ESPN tried to sell sport fans that Tom Brady was much more dominant in his sport than Tiger was in golf! Let me say this now, there is no athlete as dominant as Tiger.

Brady as good as he is, was not the record breaker till he got Moss. Think about it, Brady is good, but it is not like he is not surrounded by weapons, Moss, Welker, Stallworth, Maroney, etc.

Woods is a solo act, hell he is an entity to be honest, Golfers come and go and he still endures, heck for awhile Mickleson even said Tiger was using inferior equipment and yet he was still winning.

No one is as good as Tiger, I never thought I would see an athlete as dominant as Jordan, but I think Tiger is that good, peeps wanted to see history with a 19-0 team. I am telling you, you see it every time Tiger swings a club!



Anonymous said...

I agree with you on Brady, but it could be argued that Roger Federer is more dominant that Tiger, or at least as dominant.

aarond said...

Only one problem with the Federer comparison, He has never won the French, in fact many times peeps go into the French expecting Fed to lose, that does not happen with Tiger.

Abeni said...


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