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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Frozen nipples, American Idol and Big girls

This might be bad to say, but I am going to say it anyway: Tonight on American Idol 2 big girls showed up, 2 friends and I mean BIG girls, it is not mean to say they were big they were definitely big, I mean they were big like the camera panned out to get them in frame kind of big. Anyway they were doing a little back-story about the girls to say that though they were not sisters they were close and the only difference in them was the type of men they liked. But, the girls also mentioned that they liked "the same kind of food and the same things to do" and I literally sat up in bed cause I was laughing so hard cause in my mind all I kept saying was "OF COURSE THEY LIKE THE SAME KIND OF FOOD, THEY LIKE ALL KINDS OF FOOD and the thing they both like to do is eat!"

The bonus though is that they can really sing!

Seriously Ryan Seacrest is hosting the Super Bowl pre-game, what Richard Simmons was busy?

So it is no secret there is a Bar TOO near my apartment, tonight I met up with a friend on an off chance while she was parking her car, so we decided to meet up at the bar. Since it literally shares the block with my apartment I figured I would just walk down in a t-shirt and sandals after all I figured I would not freeze walking less than a block. Well when I hit the bar it was just above 50 degrees, all good, still t-shirtesque weather. But anyone who has spent time in SD knows the temp here can drop significantly at night over a couple hours. Well we spent a few hours in the bar and upon leaving I figured I would head over to the supermercado (Cali-J showing love for my Spanish friends) since it was only a few more blocks over. Well let me tell you this, when you are used to the weather being in the 60s and it suddenly hits 45 and you are in a begin to think your nipples are about to fall off cause everything on you is so damn cold!

Let me add this, when cold, running in sandals is not easy, and wind, is definitely your enemy. Well that is what I got for not wanting to walk the 30 paces back to my complex and take the elevator to my apartment (ok I normally take the stairs but I could have taken the lift if I was feeling lazy)

Moral of story 45 = not t-shirt weather!


Crankyputz said...

layers is your new word of the day

inverted nipple said...

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