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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Are the bloody 80s back?

Is it just me or are we going through the 80s again? Bionic woman is on, American Gladiators, Knight Rider, Price is Right are big again! Paula Abdul is on TV again and a big deal (no MC Skat Kat), Regis is still on, American Idol is basically Star Search under a different name. Transformers was a hit, Miami Vice was released as a movie, Mr. T is doing commercials, Scooby Doo is doing commercials. The A-team movie is supposed to be released soon, a He-man movie is being worked on, the same for Voltron, heck there was even a Dukes of Hazzard movie, a TMNT movie and a DIE HARD.

Stallone deserves his own line: He has released both a Rocky movie and a Rambo movie despite being old enough to remember when Traci Lords was Britney Spears "Heroes never die...They just reload."

Did I mention a Bush is president?
All we need is a big spandex craze and we are in a downward spiral.

Oh and hey, a black man is once again an early front runner for the presidency...maybe the 80s really are back!

Thing is, I HATE 80s music, I think it was the worse time musically, EVER! There was a regression after disco and a backlash and peeps latched on to this hokey type of music and still view it with nostalgia, but the music is crap. Sorry 80s fans but it is crap!

Ok maybe not all the music was crap, but it definitely does not deserve the love that it gets. I am sure I have ranted about 80s music b4 but I do not care, I will rant over and over till it dies.

You know what I could stand to see? THE A-TEAM! I just love hearing that damn intro. And with modern explosions that show would be awesome. They would probably change the Jeep into a Hummer but the opening sequence could basically stay the same, change the war to Iraq or Afghanistan and it could work.

The only consistently good 80s music was Reggae/Dancehall (artists like King Yellowman "Zungguzungguguzungguzeng", Sister Nancy and Super Cat etc.) and Latin music (love that Miami Sound Machine, "the rhythm" definitely got me).

If you doubt me on the strength of 80s reggae look at how much 80s reggae has been sampled by non-Jamaicans (many of those bastards have not paid homage or royalties but mi will rail pon dat another time) "Zungazung" alone has been used by BDP, Junior M.A.F.I.A., 2pac, Dead Prez and P.O.D.

And never forget the power of Mr. Uglyman Loverman, SHABBA RANKS!

As much as I rail against 80s music, I really did like the 80s shows, so I am really happy to see the new Knight Rider (bold choice on the car) return to TV, hopefully it is not crap. Oh and there had better be cameos by The Hoff!


Maria Elisa said...

American Gladiators was the 90s.

As for fashion, stirrup pants are back, much to my horror. What is next? Shoulder pads and extremely big "Jersey" hair??

king~d said...

Oh not the shoulder pads, American Gladiators was the 90's sir and the Hoffmeister is on the floor drunk eating hamburgers. Hey didn't Eddie Murphy release an album in the 80's. Two words: Arsenio Hall

aarond said...

Actually my friend the original A.G. started in the 80s (if only briefly) so I maintain my premise of it being an 80s show. Eddie's album was horrible, not sure when it came out though, I just remember that "my girl wants to party all the time, party all the tiiiiiiimmmmmmeeeee"

Jdid said...

well hopefully the new knight rider is better than the new bionic woman. horrid show!

owen said...

the 80's wants it fun back and you can't stop it!

Anonymous said...

A Reg-gay fan talking about how much the 80s suck? Miami Sound Machine. Lmao!

aarond said...

Always amusing some of the comments that come in as 'anonymous'

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