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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Customer service woes changed to cheers and keep Aaron from Bling!

So every longtime (regular) reader of the Cali J, knows he suffers from serious insomnia. In fact if you check the times on most of his posts you will notice that they are at odd hours of the night, for instance this is being posted at 4.50am.

So I am a fan of late night infomercials but never buy anything from them. I hate impulse buying and rarely succumb to it, despite my love of clothing, I can walk through a store filled with sales/great deals and not purchase things I did not want/need.

But what I do know is this, the later at night it becomes the more things I hesitated to buy during the day seem much more practical or needed! To that end, I have been shopping for watch jewelry. My parents (who spoil me now that I know longer am a drain on the family resources by not living at home) gave me great gifts for xmas, my right arm is hanging in gold and my upper body shimmers in the smooth black green and gold of my jacket (I requested it cause seriously no need for my mom to go shopping when she can just send me to find my own gift). So I figured I needed to add some bling to the left arm to counter balance the right.

Sounds good so far, and during the day I looked at watches, found some great deals figured, hey I could get that, the price is not too horrible I will look great with that on my wrist, blah blah blah. But in daylight the little voice in my head said, "YOU currently have FOUR watches you wear in rotation, you cannot find a FIFTH watch, your 6th watch needs to be repaired so where on earth is this other watch going to go?"

Then it hit 2am last night, and I figured why not check out the site one more time. I immediately remembered that I wanted to get my bro a gift so I might as well buy him a watch too, then I figured to be fair his watch should be as good as mine, then since I already had 2 watches I might as well get a third to complete the order. So I purchased a LADIES watch, with the idea that I would give it to my Valentine. At this moment I should point out that I do NOT have a valentine, yet I was buying a watch for this girl? What girl? A smaller voice inside said I could also give it to my mom.

Anyway, I executed the purchases and immediately regretted them. Well not entirely true, I first thought, sweet I just got an awesome watch, then I looked at my night stand and saw 3 watches staring back at me...then I regretted the purchase. Symmetry was beautiful I think, 3 watches purchased, 3 watches staring at me!

So tonight since it was about 4am I decided to contact the company despite the fact that their site says no refunds all sales final etc. I then decided to (lawyer them) talk sweetly, explain my problem and humbly beseech a cancellation of my sale. Of course I initially had to go through the customer service trick of once your request is received the contact is terminated, but I persevered. I finally got a great young lady (and if you have seen me 'work magic' you can understand why I would love getting a lady as my customer service rep) who though she initially fed me the company line, took all my items off, and removed the penalties that the company normally charges, restocking etc, termination of accounts all that jazz - thirty minutes later.

I know most peeps just accept their fate when they make a bad purchase and I was in fact willing to bite the bullet but then thought "might as well try." I really think in this day and age with competition so fierce on the internet that as long as you are not shopping internationally there is really no such thing as "All sales final" when dealing with corporations.



swiffer sheet V said...

You know the Erwin we feed the customers the same line "All sales final, no refunds, no cancellations, and no exchanges". If they ask enough times, bitch enough, or providea sobering sob story, they get what they want. Hey I even take shit back after wearing it and exchange it.

Crankyputz said...

Excellent....You make me proud...btw I have to catch up on the other two...

Abeni said...

Am just wondering why does anyone need a watch:)

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