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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fox continues to destroy society. vol 2.3 and weight update

'The moment of Truth' is just another example of Fox's reckless disregard of the Nation's moral fabric...and I not so secretly like the concept of the show. I wish it could be a bit more fast paced but it is interesting listening to some of the questions that have been asked: "Do you think you will still be married 5 years from now?" "Do you think any of your friends have hit on your wife (or something like that)?"

Someone like myself would be horrible on that show, it is no secret that I keep practically everything hidden. Even with a blog that I update daily (almost) I still reveal very little of myself. My closest friends know so little about me. I keep secrets from everyone, not to hurt or protect but because it is who I am. In fact, most peeps use me as a repository since I am better than a diary and safer than any journal.

But I digress, the show is awesome, if you have ever wanted to discover uncomfortable secrets about your significant others or close friends.

Weight loss update, your boy Cali J has dropped another pound + since last week, it would have been 2.6 (you have to love digital scales) but then there was the unfortunate incident of 'this was a football weekend' The New Syrian Mafia, myself and O'Danny bwoy, went nuts on wings, pizza and beer all weekend I actually added 1.4 pounds between my weigh in on Friday evening and my weigh in on Monday.

"My hair is also adding weight", that is what I keep telling myself, once I finally shave up, that has got to release another lb. Assassin, the challenge continues, you are going down son! Shotta, you want in on this?


Crankyputz said...

I have to check the show out..

Congrats on the weight loss...way to go!

Shotta M said...

Ha ha...well I do need to lose weight, that no secret.

Abeni said...

down to 200 yet:)?

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