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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fire bun fi JPS! How the ra$$ a whole island going to have a blackout?

How you going to be the sole provider of electricity to the island, boast about it pon you rahtid website and then plunge the whole island into a blackout? An all island bloody blackout? You know how damn foolish that sounds? An entire country without power? Are you crazy? (I would love to have been flying over Jamaica just as that happened - I can imagine pilots freaking out.)

Look I know we not rich as a country. I know we still on the come-up, but how we going to progress when we having an all island blackout and most peeps could not even get power back till 4 hours later, some longer?

Unnuu need a kick inna yuh batty! Man like me nuh even own candles (that are not scented, but that is a different story and if you nuh understand why man like me might have scented candles, then I can help you, you probably would not understand why I invite girls over for dinner either, but I digress) cause I do not expect blackouts.

This is what the Gleaner has so far, see how the man dem full of it? When something like this happens, you better tell the public immediately what is going. Y'all who read my blog alot know that I am anti calling for peeps being fired. BUT somebody need to get fired over this mess!

Strangely enough, I tried to access JPS' website to link in this blog (cause you know I like to be fair) and I kid you not THE WEBSITE IS DOWN!

Everybody a yell Cash Plus and Scotia Bank this and that, but the fassy them a JPS better look out cause man still have Christmas food in fridge them time a year!

"Light a candle, sing a Sankey and find your way home!"


Abeni said...

Heads should roll fuh real.

Lyoness said...

it's almost sad that i can still picture you saying this and know i'm right-on-the-nose...

Stunner said...

This is more that two times now this is happening and dutty JPS has no remorse! Fyah fi JPS!

owen said...

come on man, light can block out at least once a month - no body no perfect. dem probably a run windows and needed a restart

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