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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Britney and tired blogging

So even on a day when I thought I would not blog I hear some Britney news (on ESPN - I just had to point out the source) that just required me to pick up the keyboard. Britney's latest legal team has quit her custody case. Yes I used the term LATEST because this is her THIRD legal team since fall of 2007, that is third as in a method of saying THREE different legal teams have represented her in a custody case since fall and QUIT!

Custody cases are usually fairly simple especially when the female party is the moneyed party yet in this special case, she has managed to lose 3 legal teams. I warned friends early in this, and have mentioned it many a time on the blog..."The fact that K-fed comes out looking like the better parent in any situation is scary!"

I still love that one of the phrases my boy repeated often to end the year was "I know Britney is not what she used to be but I would still do her" [I paraphrased the last part, cause he kept slurring at the end of the sentence, almost like his brain cells were trying to kill themselves for what they were uttering]

By the way, if you are a mother 'fighting' to get your kids back, how do you miss a deposition claiming to be sick and go out partying the same night? Be real, are you only fighting for your kids cause you think it is the right thing to do and not cause you want to do it?

If you read to the end of the article you will see the other case she is involved in that can only cause one to smile and scratch your head some more

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