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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Cognac, friends and air mattresses

So tonight is another weird night. I am blogging from my air mattress; a law school friend of mine has my bed and I am lying on my spare mattress blogging and whipping Kami in online scrabble (to be fair she has whipped me so bad in the past that I have to comment while I lead the current game).

Weird thing about friends, when you respect them and promise to keep them safe, you do not even try to push the boundaries, hence air mattress and my comfy bed being enjoyed by another.

It was a good night, this first weekend of the year. Brought a new participant into the downtown Kats mix. The original Persian mafia abandoned the DH and I, but we replaced them strangely enough with a new Persian mafia.

Yes as the title says, I was pretentious enough to be drinking cognac, but I figured I earned that right after starting the night off drinking vodka at a rapid pace because it was a hosted bar for the first hour.

All the best for the New Year y'all and remember, respect yourself, before you respect anybody else...and my air mattress is comfy ;)

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Abeni said...

Respect and are a good man:)

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