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Monday, January 28, 2008

Scrabulous is a disease - losing is the cure

I love it as a Facebook application; in fact it is my favorite application, just above chess. I loved the game as a kid; I tried hard every few months to beat my parents playing the game. Then spent a couple hours applying salve to my emotional beat downs. I am 28 and have still never beaten my parents in scrabble. Granted we have not played in over 10 years but STILL, the record remains in tact.

Anyway, for a few years, I had forgotten about scrabble, and then I discovered the yahoo version of it, and realized I was addicted again. Played Sand Assassin for sanity during the bar study period and loved it all. For a couple years ‘Literati’ (aka yahoo’s scrabble) was the salve to my intellectual laziness, I could pretend that my brain was stimulated while playing a game.
My group
BUT, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO facebook had to try and ruin my life and introduce Scrabbulous. How has it affected me? Let me count the ways:
1. I am clearly not as smart as I thought I was (or my opponents just have the scrabble lexicon memorized – I vote this answer)
2. There are 109, 2 letter words and I think I have learned about 107 of them…such info must have pushed out other more important info right?
3. I actively boot up my computer to just check games
4. I sincerely (for a second) wish ill to my friends when they play all 7 tiles and score a bingo
5. Even winning a game is not satisfying if I have to worry for an instant that a friend could come back and win
6. I pretty much only use facebook to access scrabulous and chess
7. I look at my friends who have not added scrabulous as dull insects who need an intellectual kick inna their batties.
8. I hate my friends who have beaten me. (Ok hate is strong, but you are disliked – know that)
9. Seriously QI should not be a word! It feels like someone just made it up to get a scrabble win ages ago and then they just added it to the dictionary!

Scrabulous has affected me to the point that I created a facebook group about scrabulous. Me, the guy who is so Facebook deficient that I had to ask someone else how to change my profile picture.

So let me declare it here, SCRABULOUS IS THE DEVIL and YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY GET IT. Then challenge me to a game, so I can smoke you!

Open challenge to my other bloggers (especially the Canadian folk – Since we know you guys cannot spell) I am taking on all comers


Abeni said...

Oh,I hate you too:)

swiffer sheet V said...

I have not beaten you yet. Our game will probably never end. But you are still way ahead in points. You can't hate me. How could you not know how to change your profile pic but you were able to tell me how to change networks. Deficient I think not.

Crankyputz said...

Challenging Canadians, Oh your on Mister...

Email me and Ill give u my face book id..

I haven't played scrabble in years, but all that reading should be worth something...

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