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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Purple is the new color of Spring...if you are a girl

I have noticed the last few nights around town that purple outfits are everywhere. It is amazing how quickly trends can take hold.

Purple is still not as great a trend as "Beard are in for 2008" but it has its place.

I need to roll out with uglier friends. Having such a good looking clique could seriously lead to some problems. Last night was a study in what women want. One member of the clique is so tall that he can tell me if it is raining 5 minutes before I feel the moisture and another member DESPITE his claims that he is not short, would drown if we passed through a puddle.

So rolling out last night was a bit crazy; rolling through the club I would have a girl smile at me, (you know 'give the eye') then I would watch their eyes roll upwards and discover that there was a head visible above mine (tall bastard). It did not help that some crazy chick was convinced that Assassin was John Mayer (out of classiness that I rarely exhibit I will not put a side by side of them up).

Then the short one was on a roll with girls below the height of 5ft 1. I mean the guy is a Svengali when it comes to short women.

Funny thing is, though I am semi-ranting, I do not suffer in the clubs. In fact I do fairly well. And as Assassin can vouch, I coach a great game when it comes to setting peeps up for success on the pick-up. Last night it just turned out to be my luck that the 'gangsta-boo' was the one that was interested in me.


Pierre said...
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Pierre said...

So, Baron, I think we have our bar names, don't you? "I'm [Baron Davis or John Mayer]... are you famous???"

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