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Sunday, August 31, 2008

John McCain brings out the cynic in me...and maybe Gustav

Look I want to think that politicians can act completely altruistically, but I do not believe it of either party. For the last couple months if not longer the big issue heading into the Republican campaign was "What to do about President Bush and VP Chaney?" As incumbents they HAD to speak at the convention, but as 'people with some of the lowest approval ratings ever' they were practically pariahs.

The issue that the party had was: 'How to have the top men in power speak, but yet not appear to speak for the party?'

Well, Gustav has solved all of that. Now thanks to Gussy, the prez and VP will not be going to the convention, and Repubs do not have to worry about them as the face of the party in highlight reels.

Additionally, Mcdiddy has curtailed the first few days of the convention...Here is where the cynic in me comes out, is this a ploy? This gives him some press, removes the idea of Repubs responding slowly, possibly gives a chance to atone for Katrina and allows for the opportunity to massage the press into carrying the convention in a more favorable light.

I mean seriously, Bush and Cheney were supposed to speak on Monday night, and now *POOF*
"McCain said in an interview with NBC that it was possible he would make his acceptance speech not from the convention podium but via satellite from the Gulf Coast region."
--If that truly happens that will be one of the cheesiest and saddest spectacles I have ever seen. Look I would hope he cares about the victims but to make an acceptance speech from a possible disaster area would harken back to a certain Prez making grandiose speeches from 'Ground zero'. Do not use tragedy to curry votes, please, please, pretty please?

Here is another cynical thought, send Palin...after all not many of us expect you to survive the rigors of the office if you did become president, she could use the experience.


Abeni said...

I thought Mccain would be the
one going to Louisiana to do sandbagging:)

Pierre said...

Not to float Internet rumors around but the best one is that Palin's last child is actually her 16 y/o daughter's; i.e., Palin is claiming her grandchild is actually hers.

Pierre said...

Also, I find it ridiculous that McCain can get away with being "presidential" by going down to Louisiana during the hurricane, talking the tough talk with Russia while sending his advisers to Georgia for some kind of support, etc., and he doesn't get accused of in the media of being "presumptuous," like Obama was when he did his international tour a couple months ago.

Seriously, WTF???

McCain has NO business acting like the President -- he is (and, hopefully, always will be) a Senator from a relatively small state with no portfolio of responsibilities to "check up" on the hurricane's effects or to engage in foreign policy. If anything, he's GETTING IN THE WAY of people who have no responsibility to answer to him and giving "allies" of ours hollow comfort.

Are journalists going to call him out on how him being "presidential" is just crass politics and probably hurting the causes he's trying to show leadership on? Probably not but I hope most people can smell this crap from a mile away.

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