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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Spanish racism rears its ugly head again!

Ok in the grand scheme of things, the pictures of the Spanish team 'slanting' their eyes is not the worst thing! Problem is, when you realize that it is the Spanish team, it seems so much worse. This is the same country that chants 'Monkey' at black football player, that rains Racial abuse on Lewis Hamilton every time he drives there, and the same damn country whose former national coach used a racist remark about Thierry Henry as "MOTIVATION" to one of his players!

Forgive me if I cannot see the light side of things when this country has made a sport of racism!

The pix are here for you to make your own decisions but I suspect that while not all the team is racist, they all showed such extraordinary bad judgment that they should be ashamed of themselves...instead they are going around defending their actions.


Abeni said...

Really poor taste..Smells like racism to me or racist intent

Anonymous said...

Blaming this racist act on the photographer and calling their action a display of affection is disgusting.

Grow up and admit this is a racist act.

Anonymous said...

I know you're gonna be mad at me for this, but wth. When in China... do as the Chinese and slant your eyes!

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Anonymous said...


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Nice women s team you guys did a great job.Keep it up and let cheers for it.

Elliott Broidy said...


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