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Monday, February 12, 2007

Everybody get random..Feb 11th edition

So the Anna Nicole Smith story cannot get any crazier can it? 3 guys claiming to be the father all 3 seem to have a claim. But it gets worse, the old dead hubby from years ago could be the hubby if the rumor that she froze his sperm is legit. By the way if she was able to do that, that is amazing because the guy was 90 when he died, so she basically milked a dried prune. On top of the baby mess, she was also photographed in fairly compromising photos with the Bahamian Immigration Minister (I cannot be far off wondering if the kid could be his).

Damn you lil John I was playing scrabble tonight and nearly tried to play ‘crunk’ I kept staring at it on my list.

I am watching this movie “Man of the House” and I have to admit that the only reason I can stomach this movie is because of the hot cheerleaders and the fact that the movie is based around UT. This now makes it official that I will pretty much watch anything if it includes the Longhorns, cause honestly this movie is a piece of crap.

Damn I love the scenes showing Austin though, looking at that stadium filled with burnt-orange and seeing the fans cheer, oh it takes me back. I promise this now; I have to figure out a way to get some game tickets and go ‘home’ for a game. That means that all the peeps that I told should go to Austin with me, here is your heads up.

Combine a normal Austin trip with a trip to Austin when UT wins and yes I am calling it that UT will win all its home games so it will not matter when we go!

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