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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hope y'all had good nights/days

I am lying in bed contemplating the start of my day. Valentine's day was good, but like most good nights the morning after is what matters. It is so funny to me that to normal people the contemplation of working a 40 hour week is a challenge, to myself, many of my coworkers and indeed most of the legal world a 40 hour work week is incomprehensible (heck in three days last week I did 40 hours).

My boss has most of his meetings with me at about 7pm at night and if you factor in that I tend to arrive at my office most mornings around 8 you can guess that a 40 hour week is out of the question. The best thing though about my job is that I do not watch the clock (except of course to make sure I am hitting deadlines) and that is a bloody blessing.

As I prep this morning I am watching 'I Love NY' and wondering what the hell? I cannot bloody look away but damn this show makes no bloody sense. It also proves to me what I have known for too long: Anyone can make it on TV, anyone!


Abeni said...

calij..I love Ny not cutting it for me..I even fell asleep during one episode. In other words if I miss it I won't have ameltdown..More details on V day:)

Dr. D. said...

Sounds like V Day and nite was spent nyamming chocolate rude yute! ;-)

WORK, a 4 letter word that we can love and hate at the same time....

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