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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Of working life and "Hell no you cannot have my money"

Just put in a 20 hour day, ON A SATURDAY! It is the life I chose. Though I normally walk home, today I took a cab home for the first time: since I reasoned, "I can barely walk right now much less run, and I live downtown, and its 6am, hmm too easy a target for a mugging. A $6 cab ride is much less painful than a jacking" Generally walking home peeps cross the street when I roll up, it has been rather funny to watch (not yet annoying). Tonight there was a pretty good chance that would have occurred since for the last 6 hours I was at work by myself and while reading document after document I twisted my hair, so it definitely has the "gangsta look" but like everyone learns in Jamaica "There is always some dread ruffer than yuh" Just because I might look like a thug right now does not mean I can rep like one. Plus I do not think my ego could stand to be robbed and then have to report it to the cops while looking like a mugger myself.

Aite turning off the cellie and shutting down the pc. If you want me you will have to come find me, and only 3 people currently know the location of my spot, so I think I am good to get a couple hours undisturbed.

Oh I should add part of my fear was that I was rolling with a wad of cash because I had taken some money out to handle 'sum bidniss' but did not get a chance to spend it.

One more random thought: As I try to pass out the Nas "If I ruled the world" track with Lauryn Hill is on...Remember when she was a sane cool artist on the threshold of Ruling the music world? Damn I miss the old Lauryn prior to the "I am going to confuse the hell out of my fans" Lauryn

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