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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Night of arrivals

Night of arrivals it would seem. Came home to see that my checks had finally arrived (though not my debit card – not sure why they cannot arrive together). My cable box and modem had arrived and UPS thought it was a good idea to just leave it at my front door, thankfully it was still there, though I do not get connected till Saturday so bit of a tease for now. And received an info thing to let me know that they tried to deliver my mattress topper but apparently they could not leave that with my appt manager. I really wanted to see that to see if the memory foam is as cool as I think it is. Now all I have to do is actually get a damn bed.

I also set up a Valentines date. Yes it is true, I who do not believe in Valentines day actually have a dinner date set up for that day. It was a coincidence but once we realized that it was v-day we kept it.

What kind of hurt was when the young lady said to me (since it was the first time we were communicating in months) “…against my better judgment I gave you my number” What could I say to that but “wait, what?” and look around in shock like the answer lay on surrounding walls.

I expect a great dinner, because we are both fairly arrogant so I cannot wait to see how the 2 of us interact in a confined setting…sounds like a recipe for a tonne of booze.


Abeni said...

Vday date? you are doing way better than me.

Lyoness said...

word. you have a VD date? i have an evening lined up with 7+ other persons and i'm planning for a migraine by the end of the night.

Meatball said...

that is so so hilarious.
a date on vday is foolish. you need to hit the bars unencumbered and take advantage of sad, desperate and onely girls. the only good thing about vday.

Mad Bull said...

lol @ Meatball!

I liked the last paragraph (the we're both fairly arrogant..." bit. So how did the date go?

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