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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Tony Bennett better not croak tonight and not make his concert tomorrow or I am going to feel like a huge asshole for teasing my friend for buying her tickets months in advance. (especially since the House Of Blues site under its James Brown listings now says “cancelled”)

My internet/cable does not come in until Saturday so I have not been able to blog much or watch any TV for a couple weeks. That is probably what prompted me to get a ridiculous cable and TV package offering more quality programming than I can ever watch as well as the fastest residential internet available. Basically if I have to wait for a page to load then something is wrong with that site.

Wish I could blog more about the crazy astronaut chick but my web time is limited so look her up yourself it is a great story – I love that she wore adult diapers on the trip just so that she did not have to stop so that she could get there in time to get the other chick.

I live a little under 2 miles from work and I love my morning and evening walks – Sadly right now that is the only exercise I am getting.

Have not had time to order a mattress – have to do that on Saturday especially since the topper for my non-existent bed should be here by then (oh memory foam I cannot wait to sleep on you)

WAMU needs to hurry up and send me checks because something tells me paying for a bed with a wad of cash is going to raise someone’s suspicion.

Finally I am so excited about UT’s recruiting class that I want to shout, adding the #3 recruiting class to an already stacked team that underperformed last year = national title contenders. I am also happy that OU got a great class that way they will come in ranked fairly high so that when we kick their ass for the third year in a row we will be the talk of the nation. HOOK EM HORNS

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Abeni said...

That astronaut thing was unbelievably weird.Somehow I hear dof it days after the incident. Adult diapers indeed eh!

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