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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

White hoops and Pregnant ex lovers.

So I like the Nike ‘second coming’ ad featuring 10 of Nike’s top ballers. I also thoroughly enjoyed reading a write up on it online with the words “The ad features 10 very tall black men” Really? Seriously? The ad with White-Canadian Steve Nash features 10 tall black men? I know Nash’s game is so sick that he looks like an And 1 mix tape but the last I looked Nash is one of the whitest guys in the NBA. Are we still so blinded as a culture that an ad with basketball players and rap music must mean that the people in it are automatically assumed to be black?

By the way I LOVE absolutely love the fact that Tom Brady is now a ‘baby-daddy’ between he and Leinart the image of the golden boy all American boy QB is taking a significant ding. I also completely agree with some sportscasters who have said that if this had been Michael Vick he would have been held in scorn as the worst kind of role model.

Quick question that I will get to in greater detail: “Why is it always termed: He got her pregnant?” In today’s society don’t we now know that it takes 2 to get pregnant? With reasonable precautions most people do not get pregnant. And women should not pretend that they do not have a hand in pregnancy. STONE COLD!


Crankyputz said...

I so Agree.

I think it's quite hard to get pregnant for the average girl, and with the pill, condoms and other methods, it seems to be a concious choice when a girl gets pregnant...also its unfair in a way that men get a bad sterotype for being baby daddies, some women use kids as bait to control men, and that's just wrong.

eemanee said...

i think it's fairly obvious to the woman that she had a hand (and other body parts) in the pregnancy!

Dr. D. said...

Agree with you 'bout the whole pregnancy 'ting rude yute.

Recently one patient told me that she 'found herself pregnant!' I thought to myself....mussi some Biblical pregnancy to divine means a man's seed 'found itself' in her nether regions!

Anyway, jus a hail up.

Abeni said...

"He" still got her pregnant :)

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