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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Things I ponder as I continue to move in bit by bit...hope she was impressed by the view

- Are 2 shoe racks too many for a single straight man to have?
- Is it bad if the 2 would be full and the same single straight man is contemplating a third?
- If my closet space has increased by a 1/3 and I gave away half of my clothes when moving how can I still not have enough room?
- Was storing 7 bags of clothes in my old garage a bad idea?
- Do I really need furniture?
- Buying 4 rugs in one setting for a 1 bedroom apartment might have been a bit much, but I think a 5th would really liven up the living room and probably a 6th for my bedside.
- If you are concerned about shelves being damaged under the weight of your alcohol, do you have too much?
- Should I have a house warming?
- It would really help with the alcohol weight and space issue.
- Bar stools with backs or without?
- My shower allows you to sit down in it – on little built in shelf looking thingys (technical term): Was it built for two?
- I have gone 3 days without my TV – can I survive without cable?
- Less than half my stuff is in the apartment and out of storage and already I want to give away a third of it
- Seriously the shower has 2 built in seats…it must be a hint.
- Too bad I am stone cold.
- Having your bathroom next to the water heater is awesome for hot water – thinking it was like your old place and waiting for the water to heat up is not
- My living room fronts onto the next complexes lobby type area – need to remember that on my next early morning scamper to the rest room.
- Do I throw away the boxes or put them outside for some homeless guy? Would I be contributing to the homeless situation?
- If cops are continually patrolling your neighborhood should you feel safer or realize that you are on the fringes of the hood?
- Is it cruel to walk past the complex one block below you and smirk at people walking out because they pay 2xs as much in rent as you do for a smaller apartment when you know that had their office been open when you went by last Friday you would have picked up a brochure and probably be living there right now.
- Will it be cool for my friends to tan naked on the roof top deck of my place?
- Who’s sexier the downstairs neighbor on the first floor or the one on the 2nd floor? And can you really lose in a comparison argument of who’s sexier?

And I have not yet figured out if having the local bar less than a minute away is a good thing - Could be potentally awesome - could be the worst thing ever


Meatball said...

In re: dudes with shoes - perfectly acceptable to have a crap load of shoes, as long a you use them to accenuate the size of your "feet" to attract morally casual females.

Anonymous said...

My shower has 2 built in seats too and it definitely is not a hint (trust me) or if it was one, the hint-er didn't think it out too well.

Anonymous said...

My shower has 2 built in seats too and it definitely is not a hint (trust me) or if it was one, the hint-er didn't think it out too well.

Dr. D. said...

Had a good laugh at some of these Cali J.

The one about your living room and the apt. across the way reminds me that when I go to open the gate in the early AM in boxers, that sometimes 'stuff' falls out...not that I really care. (I think the ladies who walk in the early morning like the view! ;-) )

TGIF and enjoy the new place.

Zandra said...

You know the answer to the last one. it's a good thing. Although, you might want to relieve some alcohol weight in you apt. before relieving the bar's.

Abeni said...

shoes are never too much..but then am a girl:)

Crankyputz said...

Congrats on the new place...

3 shoe racks are respectable, just don't walk around with a small lotion in your pocket...

as for the seat in the shower....the designers were planning for your old age???


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