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Saturday, January 27, 2007

They should have strapped that kid to the wing

Quick thing...An amazing victory by Serena Williams, one step away from the worst beating in Aussie open finals history.

How can anyone be mad at Air Tran for kicking out the parents with the bratty 3 year old? Think about how frustrated you are if you are forced to wait for anything. Now add the fact that you might be trying to make a connecting flight and now consider how patient you would be with parents that cannot keep their damn kid under control. Asking them to leave might be the kindest thing you could think of.

To be fair here is a differing opinion to my own. So I will blast it as the writing of a lunatic – hahah that is not exactly how I deal with differing opinions but I would like to point out that she left out important things like – Others are affected by the delay and that families are allowed to board early for a reason so that they can calm down their kids. Oh and the fact that the parents had been trying to calm her for over 15 minutes!!

In my not so humble opinion, I think they were lucky that the airline reimbursed them as well as flew them home the next day and offered fresh tickets


Chief Lymer said...

I read that story and I agreed with the airline. I mean if she didn't want to sit down, they could have put her down and straped her in. I know kids can sometimes be difficult but they can also be firmly controlled - I've seen it done enought times.

Abeni said...

Agreed 100% with the airline.

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