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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

“You hurt my Penis”

So starts the first few minutes of ‘I love NY’. It was in these few minutes that I knew this show might be bad for my well being…”He drinks a lot, I like that” So says New York when discussing one of the guys.

The guy she was discussing was getting mad because he was told that he needs Ritalin which pissed him off then led him to say “What the fu@k is Ritalin?” How are you going to get pissed about being called something and then not know what it is?

I know I know 20 girls going after a guy; that is pimp – 20 guys going after a girl; she is a whore! Time we get past that in society. And just label them both as horrible ideas. I expressed long ago when watching F.O.L. that my fear was that many would see these shows as reflections of Black-America, but after I saw the ‘white boy’ break down and start to cry about the tragedy of losing his ‘teacup princess’ (dog) and show NY pictures of him posing with his dog I almost ALMOST for a second went down that road of ‘man dem boyz are crazy’. One should never judge a whole group on the misadventures of a few. So, just as I would never judge the white race on the few representatives on this show I hope “White-America” would never judge blacks based on NY’s crazy ass.

“Negarita” Did I spell that right? Crazy how much heat that word brought.

“She died tragically, by falling down the steps and cracking her neck, it was the worst tragedy that I have ever had in my life” I had zoned out and then heard that so I had to rewind only to realize that it was the same guy talking about his dog again. I love animals as much as the next person but if that is the worst thing to happen to you, you are leading a charmed life. In my short time on this earth I can name illnesses in my family, deaths of friends and loved ones that rank much higher than dogs in my life.

So the episode was not that great but the set up previews look INSANE…especially watching that guy getting knocked the hell out of the boxing ring. I do not mean he was knocked out in the ring I mean he was hit so hard that he fell over the top rope of the ring.

NY’s mom capping it all off with “Fo shizzle” was just great!

So if I had to grade episodes this would be a 7/10 just because it was more of a set up episode rather than a great stand alone episode.


Crankyputz said...

I was a smidge disappointed with the I still love NY's mumsy......she is a show in herself...

It lacked Flava Flav's Flare....

aarond said...

Yeah I have been saying for years that Flav had a tonne of charisma, and taking him away from the show just proved it.

Abeni said...

No mention of Chamo!

Yes, Flav got way more oomph

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