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Thursday, January 04, 2007

So everyone probably remembers the Janet Jackson...

Superbowl fiasco when she bared her breast at half time while performing with Justin Timberlake. It caused such an uproar that the next year the show basically catered to the geriatric (safe) crowd. Well this year they have brought in Prince as the main half time performer...I wonder how long the time delay on this performance will be. Will something be written into the contract saying no ass-less chaps? Will there be a mellowing out of Prince's dance routines? What songs can he sing? I know a certain song about control that I am sure would raise the hairs of NFL executives.


Crankyputz said...

Hee, I hope he has a spectacular show, complete with orgy scenes and such!

Melody said...

Prince is way talented but mostly indescribable -- bein' mostly indescribable keeps him famous. (Ah guess "mostly indescribable" is a dang hard thing to be, so it's gotta be worth suppem!)

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