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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

While signing my lease yesterday...

The property manager made sure to notify me that my apartment buidling was a 'Drug free zone' and that her nose is very sensitive thanks to her years in security work. Which prompted me to start singing "Good vibrations" - Problem is if someone does not know the song and then tells you that they want to make sure you "do not smoke the ganja" suddenly busting out with the words "It's such a good vibration...sweet sensation" does not help their fears.

Loving the freedom of the new spot - anyone who knows how I like to roll can guess why.

K off to work


Dr. D. said...

Yow, congrats rude bwoy. Nuteen like flexing any way you feel in you owna space.

BTW, you moved into the new place same day I got my new wheels! ;-)

Been having trouble posting at most of the blogger sites I read.....but I still read here.

Lyoness said...

stop walkin around nekked and put some clothes on!

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