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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What's in a scent?

So I went and got some new Moisturizing body soap, but the look of shock on my temporary roomie's face when he saw the fragrance and type was worth the extra cost. I selected a pomegranate mango blend with exfoliants and moisturizers. As a compromise I also got a St Ives (gotta love the Swiss) vitamin E soap. Thing is, I think my roomie like most guys freaked out at what might be considered a 'girlie' scent.
A. The soap washes off
B. I like the scents
C. It exfoliates
D. I like moisturizing soaps cause my skin is sensitive and I see no reason to be itchy.

If you cannot get down with that then I got 2 words for you...too bad. Plus damn that smell is definitely going to invigorate my mornings, and who knows I may attract girls who love the scents, though for some reason I have this feeling that they will only want to share stories about other guys with me and go shopping.



The Monkey Attack Victim said...

This was highly amusing to me.

Meatball said...

When did you trade in your balls and become a girl? Was it a straight up trade or was there cash involved?

Crankyputz said...

We girls like the axe smell, I must say,

I want to smell a harmony of mango and ginseng on me, my man must smell musky and hot....

Abeni said...

hahaha..just yesterday was teasing a friend for his girlish scent..he is gay tho:)

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