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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Of Knives and pain

So I cook alot, no secret there, but I rarely nick myself with knives (for the amount I cook I have been fairly lucky) so when I cut myself I am usually pretty surprised. Today I managed to slice my thumb at the point that connects it to the rest of my hand. Instant pain, but as usual my first reaction is not to immediately take care of the cut but instead to make sure no blood gets near the food and that what I was prepping can be left alone for enough time for me to take care of the hand.

If you have never gotten cut in that groove let me tell you IT SUCKS. Every bloody thumb movement causes pain. Weird thing is, the knife I was using is practically as sharp and as thin as a scalpel, so you can barely see the wound, in fact shortly after cleaning it up I had a hard time finding it while staring at my hand then I moved my thumb and a thin line of blood suddenly appeared and I went "Ah there it is!"

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Anonymous said...

I have suffered similar injuries there, mostly paper cuts. Those suckers hurt!

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