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Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Halloween Costume

So I finally picked up my Halloween costume. I originally wanted to go as Pooh Bear (I loved the books as a kid, and if you did not like to walk around talking about rumblings in your tummy and dreaming about getting your hand stuck in a honey pot, or wondering if you could get stuck in a hole cause your baby fat was rounding out nicely ---then you did not live) but that plan fell apart when a good pooh costume became impossible to find and cost prohibitive to have one sent to me b4 the first set of parties that I will be hitting up.

So I picked up a home-made costume from La Mesa (by the way La Mesa is barely San Diego, I do not care what their urban planners say) and I like it because it is simple and I am not the biggest fan of having to dress up, hence I was going with the simplicity of just throwing on a Pooh costume.

I like the costume but there is one MAJOR on earth do I pee when wearing it? This is not even a lift the leg up and go costume, or a roll down the front flap discreetly like some of my other costumes. This is a full on, you have to take this sucker off completely to micturate. Now I know for most peeps this would not be a problem, you would just hold it all night, but for me this is a CALAMITY!

Here is the problem: My body cannot hold alcohol, all my friends know, the minute I drink any alcohol I immediately have to relieve is already looking like a dry H-ween for me, either that or it is going to get really awkward in the men's room when I start stripping in front of a urinal, if I cannot get a stall. I just have to remember not to tap my feet next time I am in there.


Swiffer Sheet V said...

I can't wait to see it. A naught school girl and a mysterious costumed black man...I guess you will be the DD since I will be wasted beyond no return. Remeber been 3 weeks since any alcohol.

Blogger said...

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