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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cal loss, and partying with my brother!

An amazing thing about Cal losses, when Cal loses, almost immediately the cell phones of my Cal friends fail to work...almost miraculous. Of course when Texas suffers the occasional defeat the phones seem to work well enough to call me pretty much instantly. But I bear no grudges, hearing this from my friend let me realize just how much this loss broke my friends' spirits "I cannot come out tonight I am so depressed I just realized we will never ever be #1." Well he might be right, but it is pretty funny to see them come back to reality...even though Cal is my favorite West Coast team, I know and many of their 'honest' fans know, they have the WORST fans in the nation and they did not deserve to be #1...I dreaded hanging around them if they had been #1.

I will be at the CAL v UCLA game, so hit me up if you will be there.

It was amazing partying with my bro tonight, to see him work the crowd like a pro, like a relaxed pimp. But the most amazing part was to see him pick up women younger than the ones that were with me. This is not to say that he was taking home some young skank, what it means is that the women I was talking to were WAY TOO DAMN OLD! What has happened to me, older women are now drawn to me like a moth to a flame.

56-3. THE HORNS ARE BACK (even if it was just Iowa State)


Anonymous said...

Why are you complaining that the women you were with were too old? Not too long ago you were preceding every outing with "on a cougar hunt". I think you may be a little jealous that your bro has more pull than you do! ;)

aarond said...

Hahah it is true, that I have been a fan and avid advocate of the Great Cougar Hunt of 2007...BUT...there is a huge difference between a Cougar and a Saber-tooth. One is a sleek, beautiful creature and the other is Extinct. My bro was pulling Kittens and the occasional cougar, I was pulling Sabers and the occasional cougar. And no I am not jealous of my bro, more power to him, he is the eldest and it is his right to go first.

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