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Sunday, August 07, 2016

Bachelorette The Men tell all or "let's all get Chad!"

The show starts by showing us that Chad gets his own trailer. The eternally available Douche Nick is in the audience with the rest of the cast from Bachelor in Paradise. Now we begin the usual parade of listing the guys from the show and having you go "he was on it?" All the guys are introduced in a group except for 'The Chad'

A few of the guys call out Alex for going after Derek as soon as Chad left. Evan again accuses Chad of taking roids. Time for Chad to enter and he comes in doing the same bad whistling he did on the episode when he exited, we also have him trailed by a fake security guard that even Evan could beat up.

We get the recap of Chad throughout the show and it is one of the rare recaps I will watch. Chad reiterates that he wanted to punch someone while then saying he didn't want to punch anyone - reminded me of the 'Cocaine is a Hell of a Drug' skit from Chappelle Show. Chad is claiming that he has dated Grant and Robbie's ex-girlfriends since leaving the show. Nick takes his jacket off and starts to walk towards Chad and OMCH as if he wants to fight Chad; you might remember Nick as the guy who wore a Santa outfit all first episode.
Chad tells us that ARB is on the show just to be famous and that Robbie has threatened his ex-girlfriend.

Chad says if we watch the tape of the group date we will see that Evan shoved him first, Evan claims that he was trying to shake Chad's hand - on slow mo it does look like Evan did push him.

Luke is up next and I happily skip his recap: His time on the 'hot seat' was as boring as his time on the show, he seems like a fine young man, but that does not lead to drama.

Chase's turn on the mild seat: again we see that without Chad much of this season was boring. Chad's interaction with Jojo immediately devolves into him insulting both of her final 2 choices. Jojo says all the "guys treated me with such respect, outside of Chad."

Vinny the Barber's mom is in the audience asks Jojo questions directly, she looks and sounds exactly like what you would think his mom would sound like.

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