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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Bachelor in Paradise or lets make sure she looks bad doing this challenge.

The show starts with Daniel trying to count his six pack and having to restart...I kid you not.
More making out by Josh and Amanda.
Dan is telling Sarah how much he is into her and she is responding casually.

Then Christian walks in, he asks the guys for advice on who he should be talking to. Josh tells him that he wont get far if he asks Amanda out (Nick "Josh is calling dibs on Amanda") and Dan states his intentions re Sarah. Christian chooses to ignore Dan's warning and asks Sarah out.

As Evan is telling Vinny that his date and kiss with Carly was perfect ("explosions") she is telling the girls that the kiss was terrible and made her nauseous, "he concentrates on male boners, not lady boners." Carly is sad that she has to break it off with him but feels she has to tell him so she pulls him aside. Carly tells Evan that she is not romantically interested in him and he goes off to cry.

Evan and Christian are on a date with a lot of physicality, Zip lining and rappelling down a mini cliff...try to remember that she has only one arm - guess the boat was not available for this date.

Brandon shows up, yup he is another "who is that guy?" he even has to introduce himself to Chris. Carly is having stars in her eyes about him. Brandon takes Haley (twin) to talk, Carly says she isn't worried because Haley is boring, she gets her time to talk to Brandon and Brandon still picks the twin...this crushes Carly, maybe do not be so mean.

Back to Sarah and Christian and they are now climbing a rope bridge and zip lining some more.

They return to the house and Daniel puts the full court press on Sarah and opens up 'his sweet side' this leaves Sarah torn.

Brandon and Haley go on their date and the twins have made a plan to try and switch in between the date to test Brandon. "Brandon is confident that he can tell us apart" They swap and Brandon does not notice even after telling (now) Emily that it was an immediate attraction. In his ITM's he is telling the producers that he is into Haley...

Cut to Evan writing notes to himself to psych himself up to go and try and take Amanda from Josh, he sets up a little date spot and goes off to find Amanda, whose lips are glued to Josh...and we get the To be continued.

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