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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

C'mon Griffey!

I have tickets to the Padres v Reds game tomorrow. I ordered this game ages ago because Vx is coming in and I really, really want to see Griffey play! He has been one of my favorite major league baseball players for years. The problem is, HE IS ALWAYS injured. For some people you say that and you basically just mean they occassionally get hurt but trust me with Griffey he is ALWAYS hurt. Even though the game is only 36 hours away I am still nervous that somehow he is going to get hurt before then and I will not be able to see him.

The other bonus is that I get to see Jake Peavy pitch: I firmly believe he is going to be a hall of famer and we are witnessing some of the best pitching of his career currently.

Here is hoping Griffey does not slip on a plastic bag and somehow puncture his hamstring with a broken plastic me he has had injuries freaky enough to make this a possibility.

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