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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Completely trashed my apartment looking for stuff

As always I realize that I have more stuff in boxes than I thought I owned. After putting the broken bed (which has caused too many of my friends to make the 'stop playing so aggressively with yourself' joke) into the living room I spotted some stuff under the bed (none of your business what) which prompted me to tear the house apart looking for other things. So now I have another ATX princess coming in to spend a week and my place looks like a tornado hit it...not a good look.


Michael said...

Lets play guess whats under Aaron's bed: Was it a _____ that promoted you to search for a _____. (fill in the blanks)

1. A sex toy that prompted you to search for a battery?
2. A picture that promted you to search for a sex toy...or a sex toy that prompted you to search for a picutre (or video tape...and then a video camera)?
3. A CD with the letters P-O-R-N that promted you to search for a computer?

Can you blame me -- I mean cmon, if its under your was there cause you didn't want someone to find it.

Lyoness said...

actually, more than likely, it was under the bed b/c aaron set it on the floor by the bed and it eventually got shoved under the bed as more and more things ended up on the floor...

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