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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Just another good reason to have a neighborhood bar

Being able to roll in and not worry about your friend being checked for ID when his driver's license is missing. Friendly bartenders also make for good moments. Nothing like getting free drinks and great conversation.

Saw a great Padres' game Hoffman came in for the save "Hells bells" rang out and the Cubs were shut out in the 9th.

Honestly, chills ran up my spine when that first bell toll rang through the stadium to announce Trevor's appearance. I turned the Persian Mafia Assassin aka Armani and told him "Dude (sadly the longer I stay in Cali the more I use that word) the lead is safe we got this"

If you have ever seen the Kip and Kim segment on Jay Leno I really wish he would say that the kid Kip is from Texas TECH when he says that the kid just graduated from Texas, for a second I panicked that he might have graduated from THE GREAT UT. These 2 peeps are slowly setting America's youth back. Check them out on youtube.

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