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Saturday, May 12, 2007

So the new tally for Aaron is: 4 BROKEN BEDS!

I have owned 3 beds since I have lived in America. I have been in America for exactly 8 years and a few months. Since I have been in America I have bought all my beds brand new! The three beds are in addition to the bed I first had when I got to America and stayed with my bro and was put up in his guest room for a bit, that bed was also new. Since I have been in America I have some how managed to BREAK ALL FOUR BEDS that I have slept in on a somewhat constant basis.

The latest is the brand new Queen size bed that I was raving about in February and that everyone who has ever entered it (wow that sounds horrible - I meant my friends who have tested it out) has raved about. The box springs have completely failed down the center of the bed so now I basically sleep in a crevace down the center of my bed.

Thankfully I kept my receipt (always keep receipts for big money purchases) and the company is replacing it for me free of cost. Initially they claimed I would have to pay for delivery and pick up but I was in no mood to hear such crap and so now they are going to do the swop out for free.

This is crazy to me though, yeah I weigh 213 now (down from 219) but even that is not heavy enough to be damaging beds like this. Afterall the first bed I broke in the ATX was while I weighed 160lbs, just a weird set of circumstances.

I do have a few people I could blame for bed #s 2 and 3 breaking but decency and false modesty demand that I not name them...but they know who they are!


Meatball said...

its probably the dirty man love. or maybe the self love. try to cut down a little.

scratchie said...

4 beds? I won't even bother to try and understand the activities that you are carrying on with to bust up so many. :O

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