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Monday, June 09, 2008

Floyd Mayweather Jr, Retired from boxing, is he going to UFC?

(Insomnia sucks but it leads to my hearing great sports rumors on the radio)

Props to Karen Kay and Big Ben Maller (even though they claim - if the rumor proves false, that they never said it) for sharing this info.

Rumor has it that fresh off his retirement Floyd (aka money) will sign with UFC on Thursday for 200 million in cash and UFC equity....damn!

This kind of makes sense, the amount that Floyd will instantly make has got to be tempting, and he has already proven himself in boxing so if there was ever a time to try to cross-over it would be now!

Anyway, for those peeps that suck and do not trust the Cali J as their only

Props again to the 3rd shift on Fox, you guys help me to sleep many a night, even if you did Kill my Spurs!

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