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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Oldies but goodies, WofTD is back...vol.2943.3 and Pilates SUCKS

Todays word of the Day (which I am sure will be repeated) is hypocritical (tv shows): Definition; I am watching House of Payne where 2 of the guest stars are clearly over-weight, and the first ad that comes up is for the 50 million pounds challenge. For those who do not know, the 50 million pound challenge is an idea that we can all stand to lose weight and that together we can lose 50 million pounds ( I am not sure if it is tailored at the minority community - all the ads feature Blacks).

Turns out House of Payne is sponsored by the 50 million lb challenge, another funny thing is that the last ad in that ad block was Diddy telling me to go to Burger King!

Seriously though, the 2 characters are HUGE, and then you run an ad, telling me to lose weight? This is like playing an episode of anything starring Paris Hilton then running an ad about Acting classes!

Damn my toe hurts, I kicked a laptop all the way across my living room floor (on accident) with just my pinky toe, the resulting yell, might still be echoing around San Diego. I literally yelled till my lungs emptied.

Finally, my mini rant on Pilates:
I tried it today as an accommodation to J Stew, I asked her to give me 7 days at the gym and I would improve her life, she dropped weight in those 7 days and so I figured as a concession I would go to Pilates with her...I regretted it the minute I walked in the room and got stared at by every woman in there, which meant I got stared at by every one in there since there was was not a single man in there apart from the instructor (and damn he stared at me like an aberration).

Look Pilates, is for people who do not have the discipline to do yoga and are too weak to do weight training! And definitely not for men who would rather be lifting...granted I am sure alot of my problem is the fact that so many of the exercises looked like birthing class videos (do not ask how I know about those, just trust my knowledge).

So anyway on my gym class scale, Cardio Kick boxing > Spinning > yoga > elliptical > just sitting on a rowing machine > running on the treadmill staring into the pilates class > pilates

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