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Sunday, June 08, 2008

विल इ एवर सी अ त्रिप्ले क्रोवं? or in english: Will I ever see a triple crown?

Every year ever since I could understand the 'Sport of Kings' I have watched every spring hoping for a triple crown winner. Some years the chances have seemed better than others and every year my hopes are dashed.

This year, I like many others tuned into the Belmont stakes, thinking there was a better chance than most years, after all Big Brown had won both the Kentucky Derby, and the Preakness by a few furlongs. Then I heard the news, the trainer had taken his horse off the steroids he had been giving it for ages. Note the steroid in play is stanozolol -aka Winstrol it is legal to use in horse-racing....yet suddenly the horse was off it? Let us leave off for a second the fact that this trainer has previously been ruled ineligible for rule violations and drug problems, and let us not even question the ethics of using steroids on a horse, one has to wonder, why the sudden decision to no longer use the juice?

The trainer gives each horse in his stable that is in training a shot of the roids every month, yet claimed to have not given Big Brown any since April. Well today it seemed like the horse ran out of juice. As one sports scientist noted, the roids are probably not still in the horse, but they work as 'training drugs' so the horse would have benefited during training. Since the horse was off the drugs, it is reasonable to suspect that maybe its training, finally started to wear down?

Note Stanozol is banned in a few states but of course, luckily not in the ones that are apart of the triple crown!

I am pretty sure the owners are ecstatic that they sold off the breeding rights before the race. It was reported the rights were sold for over $50million...nice!

So anyway, one would think that I would be pretty broken up after not seeing Big Brown win and since there has not been a triple crown winner since Affirmed in 1978 aka Before A.D. i.e. before I existed on this earth. But, there is one problem...I dislike the trainer. He is disrespectful, he does not honor the sport he is in and he is too brash for his own good. The damn man, guaranteed a triple crown win? Really, a feat only done by 11 other horses and these are your words: "foregone conclusion." ..."These horses just cannot run with Big Brown."..."by daylight, easily. I just don't see no dogfight in this race."

Well, good job with your future prognostications!

I suspect I will never ask you your thoughts on the weather.

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