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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Maybe it is a sign that I am working too much:

I use auto bill pay for most of my bills so I tend not to see them for months until I check up on them just to make sure transactions are being made...tonight I checked on my electric bill (good thing too since it was not paid) and noticed that my total bill for 4 months including charges for late payments was only $75. This is even though I have had guests stay with me for probably a total of 7 weeks (granted one of them was also putting in crazy work hours also) the highest bill for any month was $17. In fact for a few months the charges for use were less than the administrative charges that come with bills...of course now I am worried that I am suddenly going to see a huge spike in my bill.

Oh well at least the cable company has decided to make sure that their bill keeps me grounded. I mean seriously how much do they really need to charge to stream HBO into my damn apartment?

Just booked flights for my bro and I to Orlando for our family reunion, I anticipate that being a crazy time, imagine placing a bunch of peeps as sarcastic as the Cali-J in one hotel and you will get an idea of how many bell hops might quit their jobs.

I also thought that flying to Orlando would be a lot easier than it apparently is. Despite the fact that I am leaving one major vacation destination for another I still could not get a direct flight, instead I have to connect in Cincinnati. No offense to Cincy but how on earth is there a direct flight to Cincy from SD and yet I could not go straight to Orlando? On my flight back...I stop in Denver. If these were the cheapest flights maybe that would make sense, oh well.

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Abeni said...

Enjoy the trip sarcastic one

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