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Monday, June 11, 2007

A travesty of justice and some Paris Hilton scraps

Sometimes a prosecutor should just let a case go...This kid was too harshly punished in the first instance and now they are still trying to go after him even after the Judge has said it was unconstitutional!

Now on to less serious subject. Any regular reader of my blog knows that Paris Hilton has been constant fodder for my cannons; I have often used her as the comparison for anything dumb...and you know what? It has been FUN! And despite her latest statement to Barbara Walters I will not fact Paris Hilton saying that she will no longer act dumb is like well basically it is like Paris being dumb enough to think that we will not still think of her as a dumb air head.

How stressed out and ill can she really be if she has time to call into Barbara Walters? Just a thought.

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star power

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