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Friday, June 22, 2007

Paris Hilton and Nudity...sorry the stories just seem to go together

Seriously if the rumors are true, that NBC paid a million dollars to Paris Hilton to give her first interview to the Today Show I want that show wiped off the map. I would not be shocked if suddenly statements start flying out that the million was promised to a charity etc. to save face...I love that there is a claim that she will not talk to Matt Lauer while on the Today Show because he made fun of her: I take it she does not realize that pretty much everyone with a mic or a blog or a pulse has made fun of her!

On to some interesting news. Apparently when men are shown nude pictures we tend to study the faces first, and we study them more than women do. Also note that women tend to look longer at images of couples having sex. I always knew that women were more perverted :). And see honey all those 'magazines' that I used to look at, and those shows I used to go to...were just for me to study facial features.


swiffer sheet V said...

On the radio, it stated Paris refused to eat and her bones were showing from not eating. So they gave her an IV for food. I always thought the whore was skinny and too bony. So dramatic and a waste of space. I agree women are preverts you should see my porn collection and spank bank.

swiffer sheet V said...

On another note, I would be highly impressed with Ms. Hilton if she joined a prison gang or became a fat sweaty woman's bitch. I would hold to another esteem entirely.

Maria Elisa said...

Shows you used to go to??

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