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Friday, June 01, 2007

The power of the Genitals

Dick will make you slap somebody...those are the words of Alexyss Tylor. How can you argue with someone who seems so passionate about the power of genitals. I hesitated for days about posting this but decided that since it is now the weekend it should be safe. There are no graphic images but I warn you...I WARN YOU the audio is NOT for work or children. It is a frank discussion about sexuality and the power of...well I will just let you listen. I cannot help but laugh at her...The craziest thing to me is the fact that the older woman sitting beside her is actually her MOM!. I cannot even talk about kissing around my mom and this woman is graphically talking about the POWER. Again definitely NSFW

Watch them in order

(Props to Josh for sending me these vids)

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