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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kobe cheating on his wife again? And are there really pictures?

Normally I would wait for more sites to confirm this but I am pretty pissed right now at the Spurs losing so I will mention the fact that there is a rumor circulating the inter-web (I know I know but I just like using that phrase 'inter-web') that Kobe cheated on his wife Vanessa, with a Laker girl named Vanessa. Apparently is the original source of the rumor.

It is hard to believe that he would be so crazy to not only cheat on his wife again but to do it IN HOUSE? I mean damn dude, if you are going to cheat and you play for the Lakers' as their highest profile player AND you were previously in a much publicized affair (ahem, Colorado rape, allegations *cough*) would you really cheat with an EIGHTEEN year old Laker girl?

The following is from the [We reached out to Vanessa and the Laker’s organization to get statements. The Lakers claim that Vanessa resigned from the squad to pursue a “hosting career”. Vanessa obviously did not want to speak… though BTW she has a sexy voice!

This DOES NOT pass “The Dirty Smell Test”. If you are 18 years old, lived in Hayward, CA, are the hottest of the Laker Girls and your team is in the NBA playoffs… WOULD YOU QUIT DURING THE PLAYOFFS???? EXXXXXACTLY!

SHE IS A HOT (5.678234) 18 YEAR OLD AND HAAARD TO RESIST PLAYING BALL WITH! Vanessa Curry The DIRTY ARMY Salutes you… Please touch our knees and was it consensual? Just Sayin’.]

The point they brought up re quitting to go 'host' is what the sports radio heads are now blaring on my radio at 2am (damn insomnia), no way does an 18 year-old Laker girl suddenly just quit during the play-offs.

I have to add this, apparently a friend of Vanessa's claims to have pictures of Kobe and the young lady together. It has not yet been explained what kind of pictures they are. I have to hope that even if he was cheating he was not crazy enough to take "pictures". The pix will probably be something like Kobe walking past the Laker girls and smiling while they hopes.

Can he really afford to buy his wife another ring, didn't he drop like 4 mill on the last one?

Another rumor is that Kobe does not have a pre-nup...please, please, please tell me that is not true!

This all reminds me of the time that Kobe accused Malone of making a pass at his wife...I guess he would know the signs. Malone himself is such a shady guy that I would not put anything past him especially this line...Malone's agent, Dwight Manley, told the Los Angeles Times on Sunday that Malone was asked by Vanessa Bryant, "Hey, cowboy, what are you hunting?" in reference to Malone wearing a cowboy hat and boots.

"She said it twice," Manley said, "and Karl answered, 'I'm hunting for little Mexican girls.' "

Will be fun to watch this play-out especially while the Lakers play my Spurs.
Here is hoping for San Antonio in SIX!


jt said...

don't worry, the lakers are gonna kick the spurs' ass all the way home. :)

aarond said...

I bet you one of those trips we never take on it!

Abeni said...

just mean more jewellery for Vanessa

Crankyputz said...

Pls V asked for this when she cooly accepted the ring...

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