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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Suge Knight "Got knocked the f#$k out"

Let me say this off the bat, Suge is such a scary man that even posting this gives me shivers, cause really the man is psycho, but seeing pix of Suge knocked out is just amazing and it has to be shared.

What I love about this is that Del Geezy and I hit this spot up back in the West Hollywood days and instantly stepping in knew it was a ghetto-club. Expensive, but not the kind of place that you want to take the mother of your child! For instance the big event we went to there was Lil' Jon's birthday party.

Anyway here is the link to the pictures for your enjoyment

If I were the guy that managed that punch I would lay low for a bit. Word on the streets (and by the streets I mean the internet hip hop boards) is that Suge and his posse jumped the guy demanding his cell phone. After recovering from the K.O. Suge was heard demanding the cat's cell, which I guess could help trace the guy. Lay-low son, it is cool to mess Suge up, it is not cool to drive down the strip in Vegas and mysteriously have no witnesses to your murder!

P.s. do not call your phone hoping to have it returned, just let it go.

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swiffer sheet V said...

I thought he was in jail...

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